Welcome to Glas-Design.nl

Latest update 17-06-2019


On Glas-Design.nl, we sell high quality art glass from Finland, Sweden and Norway as well as decorative design, ceramics and jewellery from these countries. We started this site because of the simple fact that our collection of Scandinavian design was getting too large. Our collection of Scandinavian design started by finding a Pompadour by the Finnish designer Nanny Still. After this first find we started collecting more art glass and decorative items from the Scandinavian countries..... 

Over the last years, we decided to focus more and more on selling signed decorative glass, mostly one off pieces or pieces made in limited editions. During these first years of our website we also got interested in jewellery from Scandinavian and so we also started selling Scandinavian Jewellery from the 60's up to the 90's. Some of them have never been used, others are pre-owned, but it are always centerpieces! Beside that we always have some nice Scandinavian ceramic pieces in stock.

Because all pieces are vintage, you can expect some wear. We do our best to describe any flaws, scratches or fleabites as best as possible. Do not hesitate to ask more pictures, we can always send extra pictures.

We keep looking for glass and design from Scandinavia for our own collection and also for this site. We try to update this site every two months. In addition we can help you find a particular piece of Scandinavian glass, or design. We are able to do this through the contacts we have built up through the years in Denmark, Sweden and Finland. If you would like our help, please contact us by mail, mentioning the item that you are searching for. For more information about our conditions, look at our info page. We are registered at the Chamber of Commerce.